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We have all found ourselves without a dinner plan on a busy weekday evening.  With work and kids' schedules, etc. that can be a daily dilemma.  DinnerGirl is the answer.  I prepare fresh, homemade meals every week - ready to heat up and serve to your family.  The only time you will need to think about dinner is when you place your order.  DinnerGirl meals are intended to feed a typical family of four a well-balanced, healthy meal made with REAL food.  When you let DinnerGirl make dinner, you can focus on everything else or just enjoy a night off from kitchen duty.  Meals are prepared in a licensed retail food kitchen in Hudsonville (Michigan's salad bowl!).  In order to provide the best quality, we can only deliver fresh meals to the areas within about 30 miles of Hudsonville.  Some meals can be frozen for greater distances.  Please email me (dinnergirlangie@yahoo.com) for more information.